IGCSE Programme

IGCSE Programme

The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) Programme is administered by CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education). In the two-year IGCSE programme at DCIS, Classes IX and X students study a range of subjects that are exciting and challenging. It helps improve performance by developing skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem-solving. While the Programme is international in outlook, it very much retains local relevance. The holistic and experiential nature of learning balances knowledge, understanding and skills, and ensures that students are well-prepared for other pre-university programmes.
In Cambridge IGCSE, the core curriculum is designed to be accessible for all children. The Extended curriculum is available for students who are highly capable and highly motivated. All students take a balanced programme of subjects to establish the foundation of knowledge and to enable an informed choice of elective subjects in later years
IGCSE develops learner knowledge, understanding and skills in:

The IGCSE Curriculum in DCIS

The syllabuses are international in outlook, but retain a local relevance. They have been created specifically for an international student body and avoid cultural bias. The following are the subject Choices for Classes IX and X.

Subjects in the IGCSE Curriculum

There are five Subject Groups in IGCSE with several subjects to choose from, in each group:

Students are required to take 6 subjects as follows:

Grading System

  • Grading in the final assessment is from A* to U which is A*,A,B,C,D,E,F,G & U
  • (U is ungraded)
  • Grade A* is awarded to the very top percentile in any subject and G indicates a minimum satisfactory performance
  • For higher education in Universities a Borabove is usually asked for,with a minimum performance ofat least five C grade.
  • Most subjects are offered in two levels: Core and Extended
  • Students can choose the level as per their capability in the subject.
  • Grade boundaries for students opting for Core level subjects are C, D, E, F & G
  • Grade boundaries for students study ingan Extended level subject are A*,A,B,C,D,E,F & G